Dubai foods

Dubai is a Muslim city that offers contemporary, delightful and traditional foods. Dubai is the second largest city of the UAE that has many Arab cuisines, drawing many country foods like Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, India and Iran. In addition of having an array of tasty dishes, Dubai also offers low price restaurants throughout the city.

Top food destinations for tourists in Dubai

Dubai is a rapidly growing city, means that there are many great restaurants, eateries, cafes in all popular Dubai vacation areas. Tourists can enjoy dishes from various countries in one place like Arab foods, Fusion foods that have local flavor with both European and American trends in an attracting choice. So where should you start for best Dubai food? Begin from your hotel. Yes Dubai hotels are well known for its catering especially to the needs of travelers from all around the world by providing a fine option of foods including American and Arab selections.  Explore the areas near by your location to find a variety of restaurants.

Where to eat in Dubai?

As I said Dubai is not only famous for its rich heritage but also foods. Don’t just leave your appetite at your home after booking your Dubai flights. I agree, it’s totally a tough task to select the best restaurant with so many choices.  You have to consider your option and decide the type of food you want to taste before you go to eat, it may be continental or Indian.  If you want to give your tongue an Arab feast, then check out for some Iranian, Lebanese or Moroccan eateries in the area. For affordable meals, check out Pakistani and Indian restaurants in dubai. You can also find global dining options in addition to Arab feast including Thai, Japanese, French and American food.

Exploring the sounds and sights of Dubai

In addition to impressive and delicious dishes, there are a wide variety of things to do in Dubai. From desert safaris to golfing, there are many things to get out and have fun. Kids will definitely love this city. There are many points of interest like Burj Khalifa, Dubai malls, Palm jumeriah,  Jumeriah Beach hotel and more.  One of the most fascinating places in Dubai is Palm Island. It’s an artificial archipelago in the world. In addition to hosting number of commercial developments and residential, there are also various opportunities for tourists to entertain and leisurely enjoy.

Dubai is a city of style, culture and Interest. You have to know more about the city, before visiting. Including local attractions, restaurants and events like annual Dubai shopping festivals, it’s a retail celebration that has a plethora of competitions, fireworks prizes, discounts and events like live concerts, music shows, fashion events and more. This usually happens in the month of February and it’s suitable for all age segments. You can experience Dubai with a little planning to create unforgettable memories that last for a lifetime.


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